Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wildlife Magic on Safari, Botswana

Trevor Peake Enjoys A Trip To Botswana, Part 1

From the pages of the Liverpool, Daily Post in Trevors own words -
"Hundreds of buffalo leisurely grazing their way across the savannah as dusk fell will be my abiding memory of a few days in the Moremi Game Reserve, part of the vast Okavango Delta, in northern Botswana."

"Our guide Shylock spotted what we thought was just a small group, but after expertly circling round through the bush he found the front of what turned out to be a vast herd of Cape Buffalo. We could only watch in wonder for over half an hour as they strolled by, the odd magnificent bull giving us the once over as we observed them from the safety of our safari truck 30 yards away."

"An hour earlier, we had been even closer to a male lion, which showed the scars of a recent skirmish. Such splendid sights are what makes a safari the magical experience it is.:

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