Sunday, May 28, 2006

Gliding Through Nature - A Bird's Eye View.

A very popular activity is a 1 or 2 day mokoro trip - complete with poler and guide. You can see the abundance of nature the Okavango Delta has to offer. Bird lovers and photographers, in particular, love the silent way you can enter into different habitats - capture what is happening and move on.

Afro Trek partners with Mokoro Trails, a local community trust - delivering and picking up visitors. Mokoro trips are an eco-tourism activity that gives the visitor a snapshot view of a traditional mode of transport. Motswanna have for centiries been navigating for the maze of channels that is the Okavango Delta.

Along with birds you are likely to see various antelope, elephant, buffalo, zebra, giraffe and lion. Doing the Mokoro Trails and participating in this type of eco-tourism make a positive impact to the polers and their communities, without compromising our environment. Enjoy one of the largest inland deltas in the world - the feeling can be overwhelming. When you get home - your photos and videos will help you regain your composure.

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

When Visitors are Fulfilled

Part 2: Professional Safaris Guide - Viewpoint

Shylock really likes people who come to Africa to see the differences from what they know back home. He believes "indigenous guides are best suited to help them explore the bush and the culture of Botswana." Shylock knows and loves Botswana. The same applies to being a Safari Guide.

Often he has to balance the different needs of guests interested in birds or big game. "Ideally, we move when customers are fulfilled with what they are watching." Some time each day needs to be spent reviewing what was seen and done.

Shylock Raborokgwe gets "excited when I spot a special animal, like a leopard, that a guest has never seen before." Knowing the particular habitat that supports an animal or bird is the skill he uses to find the game.