Friday, December 29, 2006

Afro Trek Safari - Safety

Safari Briefing – Safety 1

Whether you are staying at a lodge in the Okavango Delta or on mobile safari with Afro Trek Safari, safety is always concern number 1. Everyone has to realize that when you are on safari in the game reserves, you really are inside the zoo.

The pre-trip briefing, by your professional guide, is extremely important. It is your responsibility to understand and closely follow the safety guidelines. Make sure your fellow travellers understand the guidelines. Make sure your safari of a liftime is memorable for all the right reasons.

Your guide wants to get you as close to the big game as possible, in a safe manner. 99.9% of safaris run smoothly. Make sure you are not that 1 in a 1000.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Safari Safety - Introduction

Safety First Safaris – Campfire Stories:

After a day on safari exploring for big game and a great dinner in the bush, it is not unusual to sit up for awhile around the campfire. Often, the guides and guests share some great stories. Often the stories are about near accidents or narrow escapes. The themes often come back to safety. Some stories may be fanciful - many are not.

1. Bending over the side of a boat to free a fishing line as a crocodile jumps from a nearby bank and passes just over the startled person…

2. Escape by jumping over a log to get away from a charging hippo…

3. When a lion attacks, keep staring the lion straight in the eyes – it will stop. Your heart may also stop, but that is another story.

4. A guest video taping his own death, walking toward a buffalo herd…

5. Last but not least – hyenas. Often they are around camps at night. Their yup – yup sound is distinctive and yup, they can be very dangerous. Follow you guides advice about staying inside your zipped-up tent.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Afro Trek Flexibility

Afro Trek Safari has been busy during October and November. There have been day and overnight trips into Moremi Game Reserve. Other safaris have taken Afro Trek to Chobe Game Reserve, Savuti and Nxai Pan.

The annual rains are only just beginning in Northern Botswana. Trip plans for December to February will have to be flexible, with possible adjustments because of weather conditions. Not to worry, campers are a hardy group and the rain showers are often short and the skies exceptionally beautiful.

Remember, on the edge of the Kalahari Desertlife is all about water.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Botswana"s Best Books

The Perfect Christmas Gift

There are two books of note in the right hand column of this page. If you have a friend or family member who likes stories about safaris or Botswana - consider these books.

Horn of the Hunter was written over 50 years ago and over 2,000 copies are still being printed yearly. It is a classic of the safari genre and highlights some of the early safaris by Maun's own Harry Selby.

Culture and Customs of Botswana is the other extreme. The book launch was just last week. Hopefully, 50 years from now it will still be in-print. Ideal for anyone planning a trip to Botswana in the New Year of for that special someone who has already visited and would like to learn more. Phenyo Thebe is currently working on his second book. For more of a description of the content click on Maun Blog.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Les Francaises on Safari - Le Professor

Excursion à Moremi

Un Game drive est toujours plein de surprises. Ce fut le cas. Départ très matinal : 6h
Nous sommes 16, il faut donc 2 4x4. Sur les banquettes nous gelons pendant le trajet que durera 2h jusqu’à la première entée. Petite pause d’une ½ h avec café et biscuits. Déjà quelques observations de gazelles et girafes aussi que d’oiseaux. L’excursion commence vraiment après la 2 eme entrée quand les plans d’eau apparaissent. La piste est plus étroite et plus route.

Observations réalisées :
1) Mammifères :
Girafes +de 20, Eléphants + de 100, Singes verts 10, Hippopotames 20, Gazelles et antilopes +200, Cobe défassa, Cobées rouges, Steenboks, Impalas en grand nombre, 2 lions au repas ainsi qu’une lionne
2) Oiseaux :
2 cormorans africains, 3 hérons cendrés, 1 aigrette ordoisée, 2 aigrettes ….., 3 ombrettes, 2 tantales, 1 cigogne blanche, 5 lois sacrés, 10 oies d’Egypte, 3 oies de Gambie, 2 aigles pecheurs, 1 aigle bateleur, 150 francolins à bec rouge, 30 pintades, 1 grue conanculee, 1 outarde, 25 jacanas, 40 vanneaux armés, 100 tourterelles du Cap et à colliées, 5 tomeras ……., 10 grepeurs en …., 5 rolliers à longs brins, 80 calaas à bec rouge, 2 hiromdeles, 1 gonolek rouge et noir, 50 …….. Flèches, Vols de tisserins travailleurs à bec rouge, 30 étourneaux métalliques, 10 étourneaux d’Alexandre, 30 fraque-boeufs, 5 corbeaux, quelques coucon et 1 vanran

Le pique-nique est délicieux : (salade, poulet sandwiches), jus de mangue ….Fruits ( banane poires). Le retour commence à 15h30 après observation finale de lions. Poussiéreux nous rentrons vers 18h45 plein d’émerveillements.