Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bird Watching With Kelly.

Shylock starting out on a mobile safari.

We rise and shine just before 6 am and down some coffee, toast, jam and boilded eggs. With a thermos filled with boiling water for our mid morning tea, we head off in search of game. Shylook takes us around the edges of flood plains that are filling up with the flood water from Angola. We move off, down stream from the Kwai River Bridge in the Moremi Wildlife Reserve.

Along the way we view some impala, kudu and baboons. Two elephants are spotted foraging for their breakfast. Fresh lion tracks get us excited, but prove elusive. Vehicles are not permitted off existing paths.

The highlight of the morning is stopping near a 30 metre round pool of water, left over from our recent rainy season. The menagerie of birds co-existing peacefully during their morning feeding is impressive. Black Crake, Marabou Storks and Grey Herons mix with Sacred Ibis, African Jacana and 2 Great White Pelicans.

Kelly, one of our fellow travellers from Australia and a bird lover, spots 2 Wattled Cranes flying over our vehicle. After some discussion about their endangered species status and recent migratory bird counting activities, Kelly starts to hum to himself and soon recites bits and pieces of something like: "A funny old bird is the Pelican; His beak holds more food than his belican..."

Before we return to camp for midday feed and some rest, there is one more treat. The Lilac-breasted Roller - Botswana's National Bird is spotted. With good natured talk of our luck and spotting skills, we arrive back at basecamp.


Victor said...

The lilac breasted roller is not Botswana national.As a member of Birlife Botswana i`m not aware of any bird being our National bird

Delta Dave said...

Sorry for delay in picking up your comment. My references are a number of passing conversations by birder watchers. Maybe it should be the national bird - anybody with better choices?

If its OK, I will link to Birdlife Botswana webpage - put it on the left hand template. If you ever want somethinng publisher on this site, send an email -